Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Our visit to the hospital went well yesterday and very fast!!! This is going to be Kassie's last cast!! YAY!!! She was very brave and so was her doggie that got admitted and went along with her and blankie into the OR.

She will be getting her cast off before Christmas!! They angled her legs more inward to prepare her. Poor thing I think she is confused and off balanced- when we got home we set her on the ground and she fell right over!! But after a few hours she was into everything again. And of course a little light bulb went off in my head......pants!! Could I get pants on her? Yes I did!! Trust me this is a big deal if you weren't able to wear pants for 5 months!!

Her new favorite word is "please". Thats right my little polite child. But oh everything is please, please, PLEASE with a HUGE sense of urgency as if the sky is falling. Except it sounds like she is saying peas, peas, PEAS! And of course how can you resist telling her "no" looking into those big brown puppy dog eyes. Look what "peas" got her yesterday at the store....

I think I am in trouble......

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