Monday, January 26, 2009


Just a quick post from me! I just wanted to update everyone on Kassie!! Well her appt went very, very well! The xrays came back great and the doctor told us he wants her to stop wearing her brace during the day.....she only has to wear it at night! We were in complete shock (well at least me lol) I thought she would have it on for a while longer!! The VERY best part is she doesn't have to back until MAY!!!!

YAY!! No more xrays, doctors or hospitals until MAY!!

And I can't believe our little miracle. She hasn't crawled in 3 whole days- she is walking everywhere!!

Ekk we just love her! Nothing like having our baby "back" again.

Gotta run~ promise I will back with some super cute pics this week!! :o)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Age: 22 months (*sob*)


1. Long stroller rides

2.puppies/dogs the bigger the better! Anything really that barks.

3. Watching Dragon Tales in the morning (hey the pink dragon is Kassie!)

4. Bath time

5. Cooking for her mommy ;o)

6. Rain boots (hey you seen her collection)


1. Doctors and hospitals

2. Anything sticky on her hands(thats my girl!!)

3. The evil vacuum

4. cold windy days

And I am guessing I should add this to the "likes" list. She had her very first lollipop yesterday. I figured she would have no clue what to do with it. Boy I was wrong.....

She has her post cast off appointment tomorrow. I can't believe a month has already pasted since she has had her cast off. I am really dreading going- I can't take anymore bad news- so do me a favor and keep her in your thoughts tomorrow. Lets hope everything is still in place and those little sockets are growing like crazy!! :o)


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've been busy bee...still painting, decorating- I keep finding project after project. Thats okay I love to stay busy! Maddie has been busy too- you must check out this adorable set she modeled for Shelley of Giraffikiki*Kidz you can find her adorable stuff here. And be sure to check out all of the matching Fairy Sweet goods here- you might just see a pair of my bows. :o)

This weather is getting so old in my book- its either freezing cold or pouring rain or both. I mean look at this poor girl all bundled up!

She just looks miserable doesn't she?? Anyhow, we are waiting for spring or at least some 50 degree weather would be nice. Until then our rainboots and sundresses await....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Look out world!!!!!!!!!

Here she COMES!!!!!!!!

This can't possibly be the same baby girl that I took photos of here. Just 2.5 weeks out of a body cast and she is standing, dancing and walking!!! Yes, she is trying to walk!

I'm Free!!!! :o)

Love this girl!!!! She just continues to amaze me. You can do it Kassie!!!!

And just throwing one in here of Maddie for good measure!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweet Simplicity

The girls went back to school today and the hubby went back to work. It is sooo quiet!! I admit I love having my house full~ it brings some kind of warmth to it.

I was sad but I got over it as soon as Ms Kassie was bouncing off the walls and trying to climb up and down on the couch this morning. I've been so busy cleaning this week too- we are doing the girls bathroom and I have finally decided to do their playroom!! We've been in this house for a while now and I am sick of the builders white plain paint. Time to bring on the color!! I will be sure to take pictures. :o)

And yesterday was Mackenzie's birthday- so a busy day!!

Kassie was more interested in the frosting on the cake than anything.

And my Christmas present showed up today--not Kassie without a cast- but the other present!!! My camera bag showed up!! Isn't it a beauty???

I have been wanting a new one for a very loooong time and finally made my mind up. My camera barely fits in the bag I have now- it was such a pain in the neck plus I have my purse, my cell phone, my keys that I take everywhere- so now no more- everything fits in here!!

And I was going to get a plain black or brown one (yawn!)~ so glad I didn't~ love the color and I am a sucker for polka dots!!!

Enough from me.....have a good night!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

From Ms. Maddie..........

There is a dance studio next to this spot- we can always hear the music. Makes for some good dancing.

Hope everyone had a great New Year!!!