Monday, January 26, 2009


Just a quick post from me! I just wanted to update everyone on Kassie!! Well her appt went very, very well! The xrays came back great and the doctor told us he wants her to stop wearing her brace during the day.....she only has to wear it at night! We were in complete shock (well at least me lol) I thought she would have it on for a while longer!! The VERY best part is she doesn't have to back until MAY!!!!

YAY!! No more xrays, doctors or hospitals until MAY!!

And I can't believe our little miracle. She hasn't crawled in 3 whole days- she is walking everywhere!!

Ekk we just love her! Nothing like having our baby "back" again.

Gotta run~ promise I will back with some super cute pics this week!! :o)

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