Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Age: 22 months (*sob*)


1. Long stroller rides

2.puppies/dogs the bigger the better! Anything really that barks.

3. Watching Dragon Tales in the morning (hey the pink dragon is Kassie!)

4. Bath time

5. Cooking for her mommy ;o)

6. Rain boots (hey you seen her collection)


1. Doctors and hospitals

2. Anything sticky on her hands(thats my girl!!)

3. The evil vacuum

4. cold windy days

And I am guessing I should add this to the "likes" list. She had her very first lollipop yesterday. I figured she would have no clue what to do with it. Boy I was wrong.....

She has her post cast off appointment tomorrow. I can't believe a month has already pasted since she has had her cast off. I am really dreading going- I can't take anymore bad news- so do me a favor and keep her in your thoughts tomorrow. Lets hope everything is still in place and those little sockets are growing like crazy!! :o)


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Laurie said...

Just adorable Erin, just adorable! Thank you for feeding my addiction! LOL