Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweet Simplicity

The girls went back to school today and the hubby went back to work. It is sooo quiet!! I admit I love having my house full~ it brings some kind of warmth to it.

I was sad but I got over it as soon as Ms Kassie was bouncing off the walls and trying to climb up and down on the couch this morning. I've been so busy cleaning this week too- we are doing the girls bathroom and I have finally decided to do their playroom!! We've been in this house for a while now and I am sick of the builders white plain paint. Time to bring on the color!! I will be sure to take pictures. :o)

And yesterday was Mackenzie's birthday- so a busy day!!

Kassie was more interested in the frosting on the cake than anything.

And my Christmas present showed up today--not Kassie without a cast- but the other present!!! My camera bag showed up!! Isn't it a beauty???

I have been wanting a new one for a very loooong time and finally made my mind up. My camera barely fits in the bag I have now- it was such a pain in the neck plus I have my purse, my cell phone, my keys that I take everywhere- so now no more- everything fits in here!!

And I was going to get a plain black or brown one (yawn!)~ so glad I didn't~ love the color and I am a sucker for polka dots!!!

Enough from me.....have a good night!


nicole said...

ooooh. Im so jealous! I love this bag

Erin W said...

Thanks!!! You need to stalk Amazon and Adorama for it- they always have great prices. This is the small one and I think its huge!! I can't imagine how big the large one is!!