Monday, March 23, 2009

Were outta here!!

So we are flying out tomorrow- I will be back next week to update with some pictures!!! Hope its snows for everyone while I am sitting in the sun. lol :o)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two is Fabulous!!

Well our little Miss turned two and it was a fabulous day!! Here a just a few pictures of her exciting day!! Please excuse my non-decorated kitchen- one of these days we will get to it- oh and my lame, lame attempt at mushroom cupcakes! lol. Fabulous Kristen made most of the decorations, party bags and the invites- you must check her out for your next party!!!

Oh and the reason why I have been sooo darn busy??? We finally told the girls at the party that............

Yes-- that is right!!! I am packing bags between writing! We leave in the next few days!! Whoo hooo Disney here we come! :o)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To my Sweet Birthday Girl!

Two years ago (wow!) I brought our sweet little angel Kassie into the world.

She was truly the sweetest baby- I could take her anywhere- she never cried for long was such an easy baby- I really couldn't ask for more.

Little did we know that she would overcome so much by her second birthday- tons of xrays, surgery, 6 months of casting ect. But our sweet little angel got through it all. Gosh we could all learn so much from her. She took her first steps a few months before her 1st birthday and once again at 21 months. I had never thought I would see my baby learn to walk twice.

I just honestly can't believe her vocabulary these days and how much she has learned. Always exploring, finding new things, not afraid of bugs or learning to climb the stairs. She is always waving "hi" to strangers and is always the first one to run up and hug a little tyke around her age. She has a *huge* love for her big sisters- always handing me her coat each day- begging me to pick them up from school before its even 3:00 pm.

As I sit and looked through her pictures last night- gosh where did time go?? Time can pass by so quickly sometimes it can be so cruel. But I sit and hold and cherish my pictures everyday and hold on to this sweet little angel.

To my sweet loving Kassie......

We are SOOO very proud of you!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet angel and we hope that ALL of your dreams and wishes come true!

XOXO, mommy, daddy, Maddie & Mackenzie

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still here!

I am definitely still here just dealing with some computer issues last week (yuck!!) and a very sick baby! She is all better now so no worries. :o) Kassie birthday is in 3 days and we leave for holiday (I just love saying that hee hee) in 12 days so I have been super busy. The girls have no idea were we are going and when we are leaving. I asked Maddie to name her top 3 favorite vacations spots tonight and she actually named the place where we are going! Here they are- can you guess where we are going?

1. Paris (yup she is definitely my girl!)
2. Chocolate World aka Hershey Park
3. The Mouse Place aka Disney World

Speaking of bdays here is a sneaky peek of Kassie's theme! I LOVE it!!!

And of course I can't leave you without picture (or two or three..okay). We got hit with some beautiful weather again. I am sooo done with winter please bring on the spring! I can't wait. I have to say I just love it where I live- so many beautiful spots. There are days I spend just driving around trying to find the most amazing spots (yeah I am a dork) and its always worth it well unless I am trespassing and breaking the law- okay kidding. But this place really makes you slow down and see all the beauty in the world.....

Hold on to that beauty....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Her little sis has been hogging the camera lately. So I think she is a bit upset at me...

Okay she's mad. Like talk to my hand mad...

Uh- oh I think I am serious trouble with her!!

Oh but I mention a prize in exchange for some photos. Amazing is the power of a bag of M&M's....

And maybe even a trip to the movies...

Now that is my girl!!

Thanks Maddie for making such a boring snow day sooo much fun!! :o)