Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just a few for ya......

She was totally singing and dancing the whole time to this song (turn your speakers on peeps!). I just love how these show her personality

Oh yeah- and this one cost me a whole bag of M&M's on top of that lollipop!! Why? She was so embarrassed that everyone would be looking at her- oh and they did! She is a little traffic stopper!!!

Oh and guess what??? 28 more DAYS till Kassie gets her cast off!!! WHOO HOOO!!! Got the call today. Let the count down began!!!!! :o)


Kacey & Kandy said...

Those pictures are so cute! What a little model you have! How exciting about Kassie's cast! What a great Christmas present!

Erin W said...

Thanks so much Kacey & Kandy!! :o) We are very excited about our Christmas present!! :o)