Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My three

Yes, that is right folks....take a good look cause you might not ever see this again!

All three in one photo- COOPERATING!! This is a first and probably a last so take a good look. :o) Years of bribes- candy, movies, McDonald's, Littlest Pet Shop, trips to Target, pizza, ice cream, a new puppy- you name it!!

And how did I get this- just one pit stop at the gas station for lollipops (which I didn't even end up pulling out) and a break for pizza in between. Yes, it had to be a full moon. Either that or I am still dreaming!

Fooling around a little for some Christmas cards...whatca think?

Yup we went on a little road trip- I think that is what did it. Out faarrrrr in the woods around absolutely nothing for miles. Made for some fun and good exploring.

Kassie was riot with her "hiking stick"! This ended up coming home with us! Silly girls.

Gotta love when I take a road trip I end up with a van full of camera equipment, bags of clothes, a chair and various other props. Priorities people!! If we ever get lost in the woods I guess we won't go cold and will have some documents of our time. Come on you have to looove these boots! :o)

All tucked out ready for a nap...

I think they had a good time. :o)


Kacey & Kandy said...

LOVE the pictures!! Perfect for your Christmas cards! I wish we had somewhere like that around here... Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Laurie said...

Erin, my fav is the action shot where all the girls are throwing leaves! Awesome photos, anyone of those will make for a beautiful Christmas card.

Jolie Molino said...

I live for a great image with my boys and its few and far between! I love the one of all of them sitting on the log!