Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Few more..

I love this place and need to go there more often. Of course its allll the way out in the sticks... well I live in the sticks but its much further out out ya know. There is such pretty fields, and old barn or two, and right near the water. Of course I picked the hottest day to go so Kassie could wear these new little flower beanies I've been making (because I need another new hobby right?)!

And she begged for this one. She really wanted to "drive". Oh dear --John Deer you are HUGE! You should have seen me sweating my tail off trying to lift her and push her buns up there, camera slung over me, flip flops on my tippy toes trying not to fall in a prickly bush near by...oh and all the while trying not to get caught!!! Geez the things we do!

I'll be throwing these beanies in my Etsy shop here shortly. And in celebration of my bday this month (don't ask what day or how old cause I won't tell ya!) I am offering free shipping for the month of August for my blog readers! Since there is no button to do so just pay through paypal like you normally do than send me a message through Etsy "free ship blog" and I will refund your shipping asap. Got lots of goodies I am makin up!! :o)


Katy said...

GREAT, great photos! Your children are a+dorable! Loved the story about your little one's hip-how she has overcome and positive results prevail. When I first saw the pic of her in her cast, I didn't realize she had a cast on because of her big, precious smile. I took a second look and thought how extraordinary she must be to have such a big smile on her face! Stopping in from SITS.

klynch said...


missy said...

stopping by from SITS.
oh my gosh......your pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!
and beautiful girls!!!!

The Nice One said...

I am in love with your blog.
Seriously, the music, the colors, the pictures. SO HAPPY HERE!
What kind of camera do you have? I am looking to buy one, and leaning towards the Cannon Rebel, though some swear by Nikon.

Erin W said...

Thanks so much everyone! The link to the etsy shop is: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5146650&ga_search_query=fairytailsbowtique&ga_search_type=seller_usernames&show_panel=true
I should have that beanie listed in there tonight.

And I swear by Nikon! :o) They are the best. I currently use a Nikon d300.

Thanks again! :o)

Erin Bassett said...

Your photos are georgous!! Love the beanies too!

(Stopping by from SITS)

Amy said...

What beautiful pictures you have taken. So sweet and I love the hat. I am stopping by SITS to say Hello...

I am having a Round Robin tomorrow and you can show off your shop if you would like...

lov said...

stopping by from sits!

amazing pictures!!

Dreamgirl said...

WOW. What a beautiful girl and wonderful photos!

Love that hat!

Just stopping by from SITS to say hi.

Come on over and join my PHOTO Challenge. It's funny, easy and has a great reward! Drawing on Sunday - prize... A 12 issue subscription to Harpers Bazaar. Don't miss out on this one!

See you!

Chaotic Creations by Kristen said...

AMAZING photos!! Any chance you're in MD? Would love a photo shoot for my daughter and family!
Stopping by from sits and now I'm going to stop your etsy shop!

Faith- Inspired Designs by Faith said...

I found you on sits and just had to follow! What a fun blog! Have a wonderful friday! Your work is amazing!

Chaotic Creations by Kristen said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I can not belive that! I was 1/2 joking when I asked thinking the chances are highly unlikely! We need to talk for sure! Would LOVE to set something up! I'm SO excited! YAY!
email me when you get a chance @ info@chaoticcreationsbykristen.com I can't find your email to contact you.
Have a GREAT weekend!

Erin W said...

Sounds great Kristen~ I'm emailing ya!! :o)

Jennifer said...

Seriously, YOU ROCK!!! Your photos are amazing, and I agree that location is one to go back to time & time again!!