Sunday, August 23, 2009

A bit beachy...

We took the girls on a little trip to the beach.

Kassie was a normal picture hog that day. She was too cute of course and you would think this girl lived at the beach her whole life~ she was just one with the sand and the ocean (mostly the sand). We've taken her to several small beaches here in town but this was her first time at the big one and she knew just what to do!

And this one was too funny. We were walking along the boardwalk and who did we see?

Maddie was a little disappointed that he talked to her- "characters aren't suppose to talk mom!!!". Too much Disney World for her huh?

Gotta go get ready for the first day of school tomorrow- its going to be lonely here. :o(


Dana said...

Beautiful photos! Your daughters are adorable. Hope they have a wonderful 1st day of school!! Stopping by from SITS!

Jennifer said...

The colors in these is just wonderful!!