Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Update!!!

Just a real quick update so everyone knows we are still alive!! :) Kassie's surgery went well. She woke up ticked off...I mean REALLY ticked off. Pulling wires off, IV off, ready to hop out of the bed even though she still couldn't feel anything waist down. She was MAD. First she kept asking for her "brace off" (she wears one at night), then she kept asking us to "open her cast" (maybe take it off?) now it is literally "I wanna get down and walk NOW"! Yikes I hope 6 weeks FLIES by!

Here she is all looking awful. :( Her face is so red cause she was SO mad!

And her puppy friend that got to go back in the OR with her. Complete with a hospital ID of course!

Gotta run~ will update more later! Thanks everyone for the messages & emails!!!


Life with Kaishon said...

I hope the time flies by so quickly!

robin said...

ohhhh Erin :( seeing her like that just breaks my heart! I hope she adjusts to the cast quickly and is back to her old self real soon!

Jenny said...

aww poor kid. what happened? what was the surgery for? hope she recovers quickly. poor thing. *hug*