Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Tot

If you live on the East Coast than you know its been raining forever here!!! Finally it stopped thank goodness. But everyday that Kassie wanted to play out it seemed like we were headed for dark clouds. We got one break and I guess it worked out because I found this beautiful open spot by the woods and the light was sooo nice. Kassie came prepared with her "brella".

Hey this is huge progress here- I finally got her to hold this upright!!!Usually she takes it tosses it aside or drags it with her. As you see it didn't last long...

I really don't think she was in the mood for pictures because I gotta a lot of this:

And this: (aka shushhhh mommy~ stop telling me to look at you and do a bunny dance!)

Eventually she did break down and do a little song and dance with a "twirl" (her new little thing). Gosh you gotta love her :o)

PS~ Ms. C I am working on your pics and will have them up here shortly! Thanks for waiting~ hope you all are having fun in sunny Disney!!


Kacey & Kandy said...

Great pictures Erin! You must own stock in Matilda Jane!! LOL

Erin W said...

Lol- yeah just don't tell the hubby that!!! haa haa :o)